OTM (“off the market”) is a grade that we use to grade phones that are neither brand new nor used, second-hand.

The emerging interest in second-hand phones and never-ending longing for the latest technology put us on the mission of making most wanted devices to be found in your hands, effortlessly!

And that is how OTM was born.

Off the market phones (that’s what OTM stands for) are phones bought and then returned within 14 days. Not exactly new, but also not used.

Putting a “Used” tag on an OTM phone will be doing them a great injustice, don’t you agree?

We are very focused on delivering outstanding customer experience, from the discovery of our OTMs, finding the perfect match, to the post-purchase experience. We are together with you in all the steps of your OTM customer journey.

How do we do it? Are we some kind of magicians?

No, we are just one awesome group of people ready to go above and beyond to get you the hottest tech on the market right at your doorstep, and in the original packaging!

One vital aspect of our business is spreading environmental awareness. Every day, we strive to make our small contribution by operating as a business that’s advocating and helping downsizing e-waste.

By prolonging tech’s lives we all are taking part in lessening the strength of the pretty bad social and environmental impact that yearly tech production has.

We are gadget lovers.

We are OTM praisers.

For you, we have made a selection of the coolest brand-new devices at hard-to-resist prices.

What we offer:

-Latest phones

-Crazy prices

-Seamless shopping experience with lots of choices

If you are a tech-savvy and you can’t live without high-end technological equipment but don’t want to spend a big buck on it, then you’re most welcome to stay around!

OTM (“off the market”) is a grade that we use to grade phones that are neither brand new nor used, second-hand.

Smartphones in OTM condition equal pristine condition or AAA rating condition.

Someone can buy a smartphone from a local retail store, at full price, but return it within 14 days for unknown reasons. The phone is slightly used if used at all, as the person who bought the phone may have never used it and may have even left it in its original packaging.

After being returned to the retail store by the original owner, that phone cannot be labelled as “New” anymore and cannot be resold at full price. From preventing it to go to e-waste or to be reassembled and sold as repair pieces, the returned phone is granted a tag “OTM” and can be sold again at cheaper price. OTM phone is not technically a “new” phone anymore, so the term “OTM” signals that distinction.

Within hours or days (sometimes even minutes), another person visits OTM14 store and decides to purchase a particular model they wish for, at the discounted price. The person pays for the product and is now waiting impatiently for the package to arrive all the way from Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, certified technicians test the returned devices. The phones undergo Quality assurance and Quality control that covers activities related to inspection and testing: determining whether a device meets a specified set of requirements and examining and refining eventual manufacturing defects.

Upon detailed examination and assessment, the phones are ready to be shipped to their new owners.

Before shipment, a new owner will receive:

– an IMEI number of the phone they purchased,

– an image of that very phone that is waiting to be shipped, and

– a QA (quality assurance) video, so that buyer can be assured that the phone has been tested and is meeting all the necessary requirements.

Every model comes in an original box with the original accessories: charger and USB cable along with a six (6) month warranty.