3 Ways Phones Make Our Lives Easier And Better

Scanning Barcodes and QR-codes With Phone

While shopping you can check for the product’s info before making a purchasing decision. For this, you would have to simply scan the barcode or the QR code using your smartphone. Phones can read barcodes to pull up information about products such as price, users reviews, nutritional facts, and ingredients from food products. QR scanning will get you straight to the website URL.

Barcode app on the phone close-up
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QR Definition

What is QR? QR Stands for Quick Response which refers to the instant information access stored in the code.

Lots of phones have QR scanner natively.
But in case your phone doesn’t have this option, you can download a 3rd party QR Reader app to scan codes.

qr scanner for scanning to get instant information about the product

To scan QR and barcodes with your iPhone, check out QR Code Reader & Barcode on Apple Store. Note that this app requires iOS 10.0 or later.

For barcode/QR scanning on Android, you can get QR & Barcode Scanner app from Google Play.

Go through reviews before installing any app and examine all Permissions the app will be granted.

(Google) Translating Using Your Phone Camera

Remember all those funny, embarrassing or even frustrating situations you probably got yourself into for not knowing the language in a foreign country. Now you can travel abroad without worrying about that.

Translate what you see by pointing your smartphone’s camera lens. You can translate even when offline, or have a pleasant conversation with a complete stranger by using bilingual translation feature. Additionally, you can translate text in photos you’ve already taken.

group of strangers/friends looking at the phone and smiling
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Google warns us that translations of small, poorly lit, or stylized text are more likely to be less accurate. As far as we’re concerned, we’re good as long as we understand the message out of the context.

To get this app for an Android phone visit Play Store, for iOS go to App Store.

Controlling Other Devices With Infrared

Phones with IR blaster (infrared blaster) enable you to turn your smartphone into a universal remote, thus empowering you to control other devices in your home, like TV.

Although this is a very handy and cool feature, we are seeing it incorporated in new models less and less each year. Since Galaxy S6, Samsung skipped including the IR blaster on the Galaxy S9 and Samsung S9 Plus.

Man watching tv while holding a remote and phone beside him
Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash

While Samsung is hopping over IR feature, Huawei is sticking to it and includes it in its flagship models like Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro.
Make your life easier with apps that can help you control TV, DVD player, audio system, and even some home appliances, all while sitting laidback on the couch.
Want to use your smartphone as a remote control for your TV? Then be sure to check out a list of top TV apps for both Android and iPhone by MakeUseOf team.

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