iPhone Features Very Few People Know About

Whether you’re an iPhone savvy or just switched from Android to iOS, we suggest you check out the following list of iPhone features and handy tips for iPhone users.

You might find the info helpful on how to maximize your smartphone use, which will both save you time and make you more productive.

The following features will work as long as your device is operating on an Apple’s latest iOS 12 software or last year’s iOS 11 update.

Have we tickled your curiosity? Good. Continue to scroll down as we are revealing an interesting set of iPhone features that we think you should know about.

Select And Move Multiple Apps At Once

How to do it:

  1. You should enter iOS’s jiggle mode by tapping on an icon and keep it on hold.
  2. Try to move the pressed icon just enough to make the “x” in its top-left corner disappears.
  3. Now select all the other app icons you want to move before dragging them to a new spot.
  4. Drag across the screen and drop on a new location.

This feature works on phones running Apple’s iOS 11 and up.

Calculator app on iphone swipe to delete feature

Use Swipe-To-Delete Option In Your Calculator

The calculator app is one of the most useful apps and you’re probably using it frequently, so you know how irritating it can be when you ruin your whole calculation by accidentally pressing one wrong key. To undo the last type digit, just swipe from right to left over the results section. You can repeat this action multiple times to switch back on the right calculating path.

Pro tip: Rotate your iPhone to landscape orientation.

Location Sharing Via Quicktype Keyboard

This is possible thanks to Siri. If Siri determines that the person you’re chatting with asks about your location, and you start replying with “I’m at”, a Current Location button will appear above the keyboard enabling you to share your exact location at the time. A very handy feature that gets you to quickly send someone your location, all with a single tap.

Turn on Do not disturb feature iphone

Do Not Disturb (DND) At Bedtime iPhone Feature

Dungeons & Dragons will probably keep you awake all night, while this handy feature will forbid anyone to disturb you while you’re asleep.

Do Not Disturb at Bedtime silences all calls and texts coming your way while dimming the lock screen and sending the alerts to the notification center. The weather widget will be showing up on your lock screen until you unlock the phone.

Measure Different Objects

AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, augmented reality and facial recognition compacted in a Measure feature, enabling you to measure almost everything by facing your iOS device’s camera at it.

This iPhone feature is not entirely precise, but it is good enough for approximate measurements. We suggest to check it out.

Lyric Search

Caught yourself knowing the words but just don’t have a clue what song it is? You can look up for the name of that song by entering the lyric you remember into the search field in iTunes or in the Music app and then wait if the app recognizes the song and pull out the name for you.

Use of animoji memoji animals and heroes for chat

Memoji/Animoji Reactions In Messages

One of iPhone features that’s really cool and adds a personal touch as now you can use your own Memoji/Animoji to react to other people’s messages. How it works:

  1. Select an Animoji or Memoji in Messages
  2. Make a facial expression
  3. Drag over and drop it on a message bubble

Pretty simple and so much fun, Memojis are there to match your personality and mood.

*To use Animoji and Memoji, you need an iPhone X or later, or an iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)

What do you think about these tips? How many of these iPhone features do you know already and use frequently? Are some of these tips new for you?
If you know any trick that you think should have made it to this list, share with us in the comment section!

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