7 Tips To Protect Your Phone This Summer

Summer is here! Each year we wait excitedly for this session to arrive so that we can enjoy doing various activities that we love like traveling, going to the beach, embarking on outdoor activities and adventures that include our loved ones, family, friends, and partners. Phones are our inseparable companions in summer adventures as we are using these little devices to capture all those precious moments and share our memories with others.

friends capturing memories using smartphone
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It is important to remember that during summer phones are also exposed to higher temperatures, and affected by environment and summer activities, which can lead to damage. That is why we are sharing some top tips that will help you prevent undesired phone accidents, enjoy your read.

Don’t Melt It Under The Sun

If you leave your phone to bake under the sun, you’ll end up with the hot potato in your hand. Leaving phones or other tech gadgets carelessly in the sunbathed spot can lead to unwanted problems.

The usual issues are related to screen and battery. Although it is not very common, the screen can crack, but it would have to receive an additional push, like dropping or bending the phone. A device can experience thermal shock (moving from a very hot place to a very cold one, abruptly).
Lithium-ion (LIB) and Lithium-polymer (Li-Po or LIP) batteries are two variants of batteries which manifested themselves as the best options for mobile phones, with Lithium-ion being used for nearly all portable electronic technology. The unsafe operating temperature could cause dendrites to form in the battery, and if the battery expands, the screen could crack.

Which brings us to the following.

Protect Phone By Keeping It Cool – But Not In The Freezer

The freezer is the place for chocolate ice-cream, peas and even a pair of jeans with a piece of gum that’s refusing to let them go (we haven’t tried this one yet as a jeans rescue tip; if someone knows if it works – please share). Extremes don’t go quite well with a device. The phone needs to be cooled off but choose a less aggressive way.

A girl holding her smartphone by the water
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Water-resistant Phones Allowed Only

Manufacturers nowadays like to point to their phone’s ability to survive getting soaked. Smartphones in the market don’t have the same level of protection, so you should check the limitations of your phone, and we would advise against testing if it can exceed those limitations (unless you’re doing a review on YouTube).

If you don’t have any, you can check out some of the models of water-resisting phones that we have in our store.

Smartphone and sunglasses in sand during summer
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Sand Will Sneak In If You Don’t Pay Attention

Although dust-proof phones came to existence and now sand cannot get into the tiniest parts of our phones, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as we cannot grant that they are completely unpenetrable. This can become a bit of a problem because, if the particles do get to phone’s interior, you won’t be able to pull them out with ease.

The wisest thing to do here is getting a protective case and not letting sand penetrate, or scratch the screen and back of your phone.

Protect Phone While Maintaining Your Physique

For the majority, jogging and outdoor activity starts with late spring and is the main thing during summer. People do all kind of sports outdoor – biking, hiking, and camping, skating, there’s something for everyone.
But watch out when in high-speed motion, as you may lose your phone along the way.

The key here is to properly secure your phone: make the time to find an armband or waist bag (purse), depending on your preference. Furthermore, if you armor your knight with a shining hard case, then no tough surface will defeat the two of you.

Avoid Leaving Your Smartphone In The Car

As if you would go somewhere without your best friend. But we still have to say it. The car left in the open on a tropical day will heat the vehicle to high-temperature levels and your phone along with it. If you then move to a cooler environment or cool the interior by turning the AC on, it still can get damaged. Again, extremes don’t work well with phones.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

This one is obvious, we can all agree, our hands can heat the cell phones surprisingly quickly. Whether they are wet, sweaty, dry or hydrated and smelling like fruit or your favorite scent, give your phone a little break.

Do you have your way of keeping your smartphone cool and well protected on these tropic days? Share with us your opinions in the comment section, we would love to hear from you!

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